Monday, September 10, 2012

This. Is. Craverland.

Today there will be more than one post up for your perusal, if all goes according to my plan.   The first one is now, obviously.  The second will probably be this evening.  It’s a special day and you’ll learn why later.

So I thought I’d do a little state of the union here in Craverland.   DeathMetalMommyville, if you will.  It is a time in which I am profoundly glad that I’m sure two-thirds of my kids will not remember.  Things are…stressful.  Not really so much for them, but there’s no way that it doesn’t affect them somehow.  Connor and Sully go to school every day, and Connor is never happy it’s the weekend as there is no school.  Sully is progressing and Connor gets in trouble about weekly for fighting.  Sigh.  He’s four, he doesn’t get it.

Lily is bouncy and happy and getting funnier every day.  She even had two successful trips to the potty yesterday sporting her new Hello Kitty panties, which she insists on taking off while she’s sitting there.  Lily is not a problem.  The problem is what to do with her.  I can’t afford daycare and there is no longer anyone to watch her at home during the day.  Dave has gotten a job (that he is doing completely awesome at, might I add) and so has Uncle Sean, Lily’s second favorite man o’ the house.  They work at the same place and pretty much the same hours.

Much as I hate it, I had to ask my parents to watch Lily all last week and they did it because they are fantastic grandparents and knew that I would probably have a nervous breakdown if they didn’t.  Oh, it’s coming.  However, I may have found someone to watch her who does not charge as much as all the other daycares.  She was formerly a nanny to a doctor and she lives a few houses away from us.  It’s just the paying part that I worry about.

Since there is no one at the house during the day that means there’s no one to pick the boys up from school either.  After school care is offered at the school and is a lot of fun for them.  However, it also costs money.  About $35 a week for them both.  I remember there being after school care when I was a kid, but I had no idea it cost money.  Why would I?  Money is not something that occurs to a kid and that’s probably for the best.  I don’t want my kids to be aware of our money troubles at all because I don’t want them to worry.

I can remember being in elementary school , and my sister informing me that our parents were not doing well on money at all.  After that I constantly worried about it.  I didn’t exactly know how to worry about something like that because it was a number game to which I did not have the numbers.  My head just worried “we don’t have enough money.”  I never want my kids to think like that, even if it does happen to be true.  That’s the parents’ job to deal with, not the kids.

On top of all that, I can never seem to make headway on any chores.  There is so much laundry that I don’t think it is actually possible for it all to be clean at one time.  I really don’t believe it.  Our dishwasher hasn’t worked in months so now I’m the dishwasher and, sorry, I don’t do it every day.  Yes, I know that’s awful, but I’m rarely home!  When I am, the kids are, too, and they need to be attended.

So, no, the dishwasher is no longer functional.  It gets better.  Saturday night I went to toss a couple of grilled cheesers together for supper and noticed that when I went to ignite the burner on the stove it wasn’t clicking.  I could smell gas, but nothing was happening.  I looked up and noticed that the clock on the oven was off as well.  None of the appliances plugged into the power strip on that wall were working.  Of those, the oven and refrigerator.  Of course, the two main appliances aren’t working.  I had to call Dave where we was working at the track in Woodstock and tell him.  He told me to flip this switch, unplug this, turn this off, reset that, plug it back in.  None of it worked.  A breaker wasn’t tripped either.  He said he’d look at it when he came home.  That’s usually about one o’clock Sunday morning.

We didn’t have a lot of food to begin with but now what little we had, we had no way to cook.  Scared yet?  I put the kids to bed and went to sleep myself.  I awoke some hours later to banging around in the kitchen.  I almost got up to tell whoever it was to keep it down, but just went back to sleep.  I had to get up once after that to get Lily some milk.  It wasn’t until the next morning that I noticed the refrigerator was now plugged up half way across the room.  Dave had moved it to a working outlet.  We’ve figured that it’s the outlet that needs to be replaced, as things work when plugged up other places.  Just one more thing to add to the list headed “Things That Make Me Want to Kill People.”  That’s Dave’s list.  Mine is entitled “Things That Make Me Cry Harder.”

Another fun little occurrence is I believe my wallet has been stolen.  Luckily there was no money in it.  Why would there be?  But it does leave me driving without a license, so I’m driving very…let’s say cautiously.  Another word is slowly.  Incidentally, I recently heard a few people discussing the ridiculous things you have to have to get a new license now.  Six forms of ID?  Really?  Well , one was my license…so that’s out.  Birth certificate?  That costs money to obtain.  Naturally.  I’m really just hoping that one of the kids grabbed it off the table and absconded with it, to be found at a later date.

At times I find myself stressing about who’s going to watch the new baby when the time comes, as well as Lily.  I try not to think far into that, for fear of hyperventilating.  Like I don’t have enough to worry about already.

Speaking of new baby, Connor has insisted the whole time that it was going to be a boy, but all of a sudden now he says it’s a girl.  We’ll know in a few weeks.  I am a few days shy of 17 weeks so that ultrasound is coming up.  I’m starting to wash what maternity clothes I think might fit me.  I still don’t really need them yet, but just in case.  I’ve been taking my measurements once a month or so ever since, well, ever since last August really.  I just haven’t stopped and now they’re going up.  I have increased about 16.5 inches all over since the beginning of June, and as luck would have it, mostly in favorable locations.

The trade-off here is this time around I’m a good bit more emotional.  I think that’s mostly due to current situations and extra stress levels.  However, in any other way it’s just as though I’m not pregnant at all.  Except for the dizziness and oddly low blood pressure at times, nothing’s much changed.

So that’s what’s going on here.  How are things with you?

Don’t forget to check back this evening for a bonus post!

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