Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Moving Right Along

All right, people.  Here is an update on what's going on over here.  I'm not able to do as many as I had originally planned but I'm trying! With school, kids, training, and work I'm just happy I get any sleep.

Trained legs today, as the video will tell you.  It was awesome while I was doing it but I kinda fell into a funk once it was done.  I think I was just disappointed in myself and how I'm doing overall.  It happens, it's going to happen. We move on.  It's a long process with ups and downs.

As you can see above, I went to the gym incognito as Rob Zombie tonight.  I don't think anyone questioned it.

My post workout videos are going to be known as Aftermaths.  Hashtag it if you feel the need.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Are You There Odin? It's Me, Narcissus.

No, my children, I have not forsaken you! In fact, I hope to add to your numbers.  I have, however, neglected my blog severely.

Update!  I guess anything at this point would be an update.

I am deep into my second fall semester in college where I remain uncertain even now about the major I have changed three times.  At present, it is psychology.  Stay tuned to see if it remains that.

Still very much separated, though not totally divorced from the husband.  Still four kids.  No more, no less.

I am at a different gym now where people don't whine near as much as they do at the Y.  Rome Athletic Club is my home and I am there just about every day.  I love it.

This year my working out has taken a very different and interesting turn, dependent upon what you find different and interesting.  I cannot fully credit myself for the motivation to do what I am doing.  Unfortunately, that kinda began with a guy.  Luckily for me, though, it did not end with him.  I guess sometimes when you date a bodybuilder, you get the fever.  The itch to compete.  So I decided that I wanted to compete.  I started doing my homework and researching the whole concept.  I then gave myself two years to get ready for a show.

I train almost every day.  I love it and just don't know what to do if I can't train.  It's gotten pretty serious of late and I'll tell you why.  A friend I have made at Rome Athletic Club (RAC), another girl (shocking, I know), is also set on competing and has gone as far as to procure a coach to get ready to compete next summer.  I call her Girl Sam.  That's how she comes up in my phone and everything.

In an interesting turn she began to put together a bodybuilding team to be lead by her coach.  She ran it past me and I could barely contain myself, but don't tell her that.  I'm still trying to look cool here.

A week later I met with the coach, a Mr. R.d. Noren, a one of a kind if ever I've met one.  I was measured and weighed and instructed on what I needed to work on and a day later I had my meal plan in hand and the go ahead.

So I got what I needed and planned to start a day later.  The basic idea of this is to eat clean, six times a day, train every day and cardio every day.  Oh...you mean I have to eat?  Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not really a fan of eating.  I know I just lost most of you right there.  Can't relate to someone who doesn't like to eat.  It's okay.  At least keep reading to see what a freak like me does when forced to eat.
The diet is great.  I'm the one with issues here.  Man, I hate eating, but not eating will not have you losing weight.  I assure you. 
I have been on this diet for four days now and have lost three pounds and two or three inches off my initial waist measurement.  Now granted, there were different clothes and scales used so that is approximate.
So here is what we know at this point:
  • I have seven and a half months until my first show
  • I am eating every three hours
  • I am competing in the figure category (unless something changes)
  • Sugar is evil
I intend to chronicle the next eight months or so here, my Facebook page, and Instagram.  Go find me and follow along.
So go and spread the gospel, my friends.  DeathMetalMommy is back and she even lifts, bro.
Here's a bonus clip.  Back day today.