Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Stylin' and Profilin'

What is your Mom style?  Ever thought about it?  Of course you have, because magazines are always displaying pictures of celebrity moms and outlining their style.  Are you the soccer Mom?  Are you the cool Mom?  Or are you the dreaded yoga pants Mom?

I am none of these, though I feel that I may fall more closely in line with the soccer Mom than any other.  As I was looking at one of the afore mentioned articles online today, naturally I started thinking about how I dress, or rather how I dress when I show up at my kids’ school.  Most often I am dressed for work and that for me entails jeans and usually some type of solid color tee.  That’s me, that’s how I dress.  It’s not that I wouldn’t like to dress nicer, but since I work in a warehouse m the position doesn’t really lend itself to a wrap dress and heels.  If I can’t climb up into a forklift wearing it, I’m not wearing it.  Hot, I know.

I would like to start wearing nicer clothes but there are so many reasons that I can’t that it’s not even funny.  Firstly, I can’t afford to just go buy nice, new clothes.  If I get to buy new clothes they had better be functional and they had better last.  Next, why am I buying these clothes?  Just to wear when I pick up or drop off the boys at school?  Seriously.  That provides its own comments and I won’t enumerate them.  Lastly, even if I did for some reason come up with the money to buy nicer clothes , the first impression window has closed.

You know what I’m talking about here.  I’ve already seen these people daily for over a month now, longer in Sully’s case, and they see how I dress on average.  If I suddenly show up with my brood wearing a pencil skirt and a button down, maybe even with jewelry God forbid, they’re going to wonder what’s up.  Perhaps not out loud or to me directly but they’ll wonder.  What has prompted the wardrobe change?  Job interview?  Funeral?  Lottery winnings?  It would just seem a little odd to now all of a sudden change my whole style. 

To be honest, I wear what I’m comfortable in and because it suits my lifestyle presently.  If somewhere down the road I no longer work somewhere that requires the use of a pallet jack then maybe I’ll get the opportunity to dress a little nicer.  Hopefully it won’t seem out of character. 

Really, though, if I did win the lottery I’m pretty sure I’d be wearing the same kind of clothes, just maybe have a few extra pairs of jeans and some non-holey sneakers.

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