Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chirp Chirp! Tweet Tweet!

After I wrote that my head started singing “toot toot! Ahhhh beep beep!”  Kudos if you know the song. So recently upon rediscovering the email connected to my long-stagnant blogs, I was alerted to the fact that Twitter missed me.  Perhaps you’ve heard.  After a very long session involving the delete button, I ambled over to this Twitter and had a look around.  Shortly thereafter I began to wonder why I am following a Korean BBQ lunch truck in Orlando. I learned from the email spring cleaning that, lo and behold, I had followers!  However, I can’t help but feel that I let 78% of those followers down daily as they seem to be death metal bands.  Sorry, Choking on Bile, did you not want to know that I switched to Splenda?  Oh, well, thanks for following just the same!  There were also real people following me, at least a few of whom I was tickled to see there. (Ahem, @danielleaelwood) I have to admit that I joined Twitter because of the hype.  I must admit further that once I signed up I had no clue how to use it.  I mean, I understood the concept, 140 characters and all, but the format that I was actually gazing upon was making no sense.  Perhaps it was because it was a recently birthed app at the time.  I can only hope that it made sense to almost no one and that they were all tweeting from their phones via text message because they couldn’t figure out how to do it any other way.  Either way that was the main reason my interest in it fizzled out pretty quickly. Now!  I understand the app now!  Oh, it makes sense!  Now I can do more than just stare at it blankly.  And it hits me…Twitter is actually an ideal medium for me.  Short, to the point, witty one-liners that I can deliver to, again, mostly death metal bands.  Oh, and Danielle Elwood!  Hi, Danielle! Here’s where you come in.  Don’t let my singular brand of humor go unappreciated.  Come follow me on Twitter!  Don’t subscribe to Twitter?  Sign up!  Danielle is busy, she can’t watch my tweets all by herself!  She has her own self-named website to tend.  Follow me and I will follow you back.  Sounds like a threat.  Kinda of like mutual stalking. Now that Twitter is more user friendly (for me) and I know that it missed me, I intend to utilize it for my random thoughts and shameless plugs.  What thoughts?  What plugs? you wonder.  Follow me and see. And be sure to wave to Danielle.

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