Friday, March 19, 2010

Rock of Ages

As a parent, at what point do you stop referring to your child's age in months? Perhaps this is just a random musing, in fact it IS just a random musing, but seriously. I was just perusing the comments to a blog I follow on occasion and one of the commentators stated that her children were 13 months and 26 months. 26 months? Good lord. Why can't you just say two? Two years old. "My children are one and two years old respectively." There, that seemed to work.

Where does it end? Will this same woman end up saying "Yes, Parker is 73 months now and Eve is 60 months. They grow up so fast!" In case you were wondering, 73 months=6 years and 60 months=5 years. And yes, I had to have a calculator to determine that. Where is that line? When do you go from 26 months to two years old? I realize that for the first couple years of a child's life their tiny clothing is sized in months. Even then, though, what if you have a notably larger child? What if your kid wears size 18 months when he's only 9 months old? It doesn't matter, really, and bears little relation to my initial point. I think the cut-off line to saying your child's age in months should be when their clothes stop doing it. If Carter's says 24 months is the limit, then that's what I'm going with. After 24 months is 2T, people. No more months. Start counting in years.

Incidentally, I am 317 months old. Good luck with that math problem.

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